This page of the blog gets a LOT of traffic so there is obviously interest out there about training in Digital Publishing. If you would like to be informed about upcoming training then let me know at anna (at) digireado (dot) com (dot) au and I will email you when there are sessions I’m involved with coming up. You won’t be spammed! 

Anna Maguire from @Digireado conducts training or presentations on Digital Publishing. I also teach and talk about Crowdfunding and have authored Crowdfund it! 

Next training sessions:

Friday 15th February 2013: Australian Society of Authors One-on-One: Planning Your Digital Strategy. More information here.

Sunday 10th March 2013: Speaking on Day 2 of the NSW Writers’ Centre weekend workshop: The Essentials of Getting Published. More information here.

Previous training sessions:

November 2012: Speaking about File conversions, aggregators, and how to make it all happen: your key choices at NSW Writers’ Centre DIY Digital. More information here.

July 2012: How to Publish Your Ebook – as covered here.

12 August 2012: One-day workshop at Editing in Paradise Kangaroo Valley. More information here.

NOTE: Stand-by for more exciting news about Digital Publishing to be revealed soon!

Other training programs follow as examples of what can be customised for you.

Introduction to Digital Publishing

These seminars are current presented as 2 X 2 hour sessions. Anna has been running these seminars for Book Editing & Publishing Students at Macleay College, Sydney Australia since early 2009.

With warmth, wit and, most importantly, a deep knowledge of her subject, Anna gave a truly informed and inspiring presentation to a group of aspiring editors and publishers. She was innovative, interesting and wonderfully personable. It was a terrific session enjoyed by all.

Shelley Kenigsberg, Head of Book Editing and Publishing Diploma Course Macleay College  and organiser of Editing in Paradise

1. Introduction to Digital Publishing

    • Setting the Scene
      • What IS Digital Publishing?
      • Why is it important to understand developments?
      • Changing Consumer Behaviour
      • Impacts on Publishing Industry, Writers, Bookshops
      • Reactions of Industry Associations
    • Book Publishing and Digital
      • Digital Publishing in Australia
      • Digital Publishing Activity Internationally
    • Ebooks:
      • Some key Changes/Milestones in Digital Publishing in Australia
      • Current state of the market
      • Evaluation of variety of eReaders available in Australia
    • Utilising Digital Resources available in your local Library
    • Enhanced Ebooks and Apps that deliver
      • Showcase of key Book Apps available on the iPad
    • Audio Books
      • Background, changes and innovation in Audio Publishing
    • How Digital is impacting job roles in publishing
      • Additional tasks relating to Digital that are now added to specific roles.
      • What skills or research are useful to gain for employment?
    • Digital Printing
      • Defining Digital Printing
      • Latest Developments and Future Directions of Digital Printing
    • Digital Marketing
      • Complete range of Digital Marketing available
      • Really good Book Trailers – a new art form in Publishing
      • Australian Publishing Digital Marketing Case Study
    • Opportunities for writers and readers in the digital age
      • Writers and Self-Publishing
      • Collaborative Publishing
      • Destinations for Book Catalogues and Reading Networks
    • Benefits of Digital for the Disability Market
    • Crystal Ball Gazing and Recommended Sites or Tweeters to follow

2. Digital Publishing: The Opportunities and Challenges (for authors)

    • Defining Digital Publishing
    • Digital Printing and Print on Demand
      • Explaining the differences
      • Who can print and publish your title? Looking at a local option, plus Lulu and Amazon.
      • What steps are needed to upload your title
      • Some sample costings
    • Ebooks
      • How do I do them?
      • Some local options, explaining Google Ebooks and Amazon
    • To app or not to app?
      • Explanation of apps
      • Define your objective
      • Who can create your book app and some example costings
    • The 5 key ingredients to creating good digital content
    • Some websites where you can upload your content for feedback and review

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  1. Hi Anne,
    I would like to know when are the next dates for your Digital Publishing training course. And if you can recommend any other links to look at for someone interested in pursuing training in the field of digital publishing.

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