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Digital Publishing Lingo: When I started working in digital publishing it was hard to understand some of the industry specific acronyms. It felt like a foreign language that I had to learn – and fast! To help others I’ve put together a Digital Publishing Acronym and Glossary.

On this page I’ll post some of the acronyms that form part of the complete Digireado Digital Publishing Lingo. if anyone has anything to add or critique then I’d love to hear from you!

  • Is there one TLA (Three Letter Acronym) that you would like to understand?
  • Is there one that you use more than any other?
  • Do you make your own ones up? (I do, just for fun!)

An Extract from the ‘D’s’


Digital Asset Management: decisions made about how to file or catalogue your assets, including publications, documents, images, video or music. It also refers to the system of downloading or retrieving such content. Digital asset management systems are software systems that help in the tasks of storing locating and retrieving content.


Digital Asset Producer: A DAP may be a publisher, writer or even a publishing house.


This acronym has several possible meanings so make note of the context!

A Digital Assets Repository allows organisations to store their digital assets and grant access via web browsing.

Digital Asset Retailers sell digital content via their digital storefronts (a-la-Amazon)

A Digital Asset Recipient is a company that takes the assets (content) of other DAPs for reuse. These may be mobile phone companies, Google, msn or other online content sites. DARs need DAPs in order to have content for distribution!

Stay tuned for more acronyms to be posted over the coming weeks.

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