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    • Hello Robert and thank you for your question. At this stage I don’t have any courses in Melbourne. Is there a particular subject you are interested in? Anna

  1. Hi Anna, thanks for getting back to me. What I want to do is publish my 7k word children’s chapter book online. If you have a look at my website, you’ll see that I have a few books published with Penguin, I want to try publishing a new children’s chapter book by myself and see how I go. I have the layout in epub under control – am keen to engage someone to do the next steps for me. Or do your course, which sounds like it won’t be in Melbourne for a while. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards

    • Thanks Robert. It may be worth having a chat soon as I can probably recommend someone to help once I understand more details. Feel free to drop me a line at anna (at) digireado (dot) com (dot) au. What I’d like clarity on is when you say ‘online’ do you mean that literally – having it available online. Or do you mean as an ebook?

  2. I have had my first book “Maybe I’ll Write More Later…Maybe” published by Austin Macauley of London. (cost me $5,000) I am now beginning to feel that the publishers are not making any attempt to get the book to distributors. How do I go about getting my book to be stocked by distributors? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    • Hi Patricia
      If you paid money to Austin Macauley, they I assume it is what they call ‘partnership publishing’. That means you pay to produce the book. I would check your contract with them in detail to see if that is where their responsibility ends. Often it is. They may be publishers, but when you are paying for services, it may be that they are only producing the book, rather than really pushing it on their list. I can see your book is available online, and on their site. but I don’t know about bookshops. I also *VIP* note that your book appears to be available for free download on some sites?! You may want to search for your book and follow up with them (the publishers) as they should be asking for ‘take down’ with those sites. I didn’t want to venture too far into clicking various links. Your issue does highlight a problem for authors who are so keen to be published. A traditional publisher does a deal with you that may (or not) involve an advance, they pay for production (editing, design, printing, distribution) and sales and marketing materials. Then you, as the author, IF you pay out your advance will then receive royalties on sales. It is really appealing when a ‘publisher’ says they want to publish you, but you need to pay X. When you pay for someone to produce your book there are two options: 1/ Their job is done, whether they are called a publisher or not. I prefer to advice authors to use ‘pay for services’ for that reason, it’s a clear exchange. Money for a service and you are the publisher. 2/ You sign up with a ‘publisher’, they use your money to produce the book, and never really do anything other than that. Except you are bound to a contract giving them rights. If in doubt, do a search ‘scam + publisher name’. I did that for Austin Macauley and suggest you do the same. Good luck Patricia, the book sounds good!

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