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Photo: www.aprilwerz.com/Anna Maguire has worked in book publishing and digital content for 25 years. Anna teaches authors about their digital publishing and crowdfunding options and trains publishing students.

In October 2012, Canberra start-up Editia published Crowdfund it!, Anna’s first book with information on platforms, comprehensive chapters on ‘How-to’ crowdfund as well as case studies from people who have successfully used crowdfunding both in Australia and internationally.

Anna has a background in book production and has worked in business, illustrated and trade publishing houses. Running website teams in the early 2000’s Anna also worked on mobile content delivery plans. Focussing on writing, teaching and talking about both digital publishing and crowdfunding, you can find her online.

Digital Publishing blog Digireado and Twitter @Digireado.

Crowdfunding blog Crowdfund it! and Twitter @crowdfunditnow.

Feel free to drop me an email anna (at) digireado (dot) com (dot) au.


About Digireado

Digireado (pronounced Digi-read-do) is all about digital. It’s digital reading. It’s what we do with digital. That’s why it’s called Digireado!

It’s about book publishing and how it’s reacting to the changes that digital publishing is creating in their business. It’s about technology, what works, what doesn’t work. It’s about how digital is changing the landscape for readers and writers.

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  1. Hello Anna. I was just reading the blog entry on Digital Downunder on the FutureBook website and I notice that no mention is made of ebooks.com or EBL. When dealing with these companies they say they’re Australian and the largest ebook distributor in the region. They’re not mentioned at all in your blog. Something doesn’t add up here, can you help?

    • Hi Matt, thanks for reading the article and following up. I did in fact have something about ebooks.com in the article at one stage and due to the length of the article it was edited out. The Perth-based company was definitely an innovator and I believe that leading independent Publisher Allen & Unwin may have started publishing ebooks with them in … 2005? They certainly seem to have a good spread of content and publishers and I’m not really clear why they don’t get more visibility, nor am I sure how many sales they generate. From the EBL side I’m not a library expert! What I do know is that I talked to a few digital industry insiders while writing the article and had feedback afterwards they thought pretty comprehensive (although I also didn’t include that Collins Bookstores are powered by Kobo… some things didn’t get into the article). Feel free to email me if you wish.

      • Hi Anna. I’ve done some background now and it does seem that EBL is the significant player of the two and they have ‘the majority of the scholarly ebook market’ in Australia according to the libraries I spoke to. Is Digireado just a trade/mass publisher consultancy because that does strike me as a little bit of an oversight or is it that the academic world is difficult to determine? I was also told that the Dymocks bookstore is ebooks.com but I couldn’t actually work out if that was true.

  2. Hi Anna

    thanks for keeping a list of where to buy Australian Women Writers ebooks. Very much appreciated. Avid Reader now has 1008 ebook titles representing 426 Australian women authors. Please see link below. It will be interesting to see where we get to by the end of the year.

    Thanks again for all your efforts.


    Kevin Guy
    Avid Reader Bookshop

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