It’s been a while….

Hello to all those kind enough to subscribe, still, to this badly neglected blog!

Sometimes in life, you have to make choices about where your efforts are focussed, and it was time for me to take a step back from blogging. The mind was willing, but time was poor! I’d been blogging on Digireado since 2010, and then in 2012 started also blogging on crowdfunding after writing Crowdfund it!

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Since 2012 I’ve split my time, also focussing on the growing trend of crowdfunding – running workshops, blogging, doing interviews and tweeting and running the Crowdfundit Facebook Page as well as updating Crowdfund it! Along the way, I’ve met some amazing people in the industry and inspiring campaign creators. I’ve also been appointed to the board of the Crowd Funding Industry Association.

NSWWC_PatrickWhiteRoomI’ve maintained my love of the book publishing industry by appearing at writers’ festivals, running training for authors at writers’ centres – as well as blogging, tweeting and Facebooking as Digireado. Since 2015 I’ve also been appointed to a contract position at Sydney University, coordinating and lecturing for their unit on Book Production and the Publishing Business. I’ve just finished a fantastic four-week course with writers at NSW Writers’ Centre – EPublishing Survival. It was such a luxury to have 12 hours over four weeks and to get to know these interesting and inspiring writers and I look forward to watching their paths to publication and staying in touch. It was fun to use Pressbooks in action and be able to give participants their own ebook version of my notes in epub and .mobi. rather than paper handouts.

Kids May 2016Those that know me personally know that we also have two foster siblings – now aged seven and eight. Sadly, children that come from difficult backgrounds often have problems that exist ongoing. Having a child with extra needs or a disability means a lot of time spent in meetings, taking them to various therapists and specialists. It becomes a necessity to work around your children and be available for them as much as you possibly can. There is just no other option when you have a child with attachment and emotional issues. And school hours are impossibly short! Advocating on their behalf, helping them navigate a world that is set up for ‘normal’ kids, with normal needs, can be quite tiring and time-consuming. Sometimes in life you have no idea just how big a job something will end up being. There is so much I could write about what I’ve learnt, but I need to put the digital privacy of my kids ahead of that urge!

This is all a glimpse into my life, and why, despite what I’d be advising authors to do, I stepped back from blogging for a while. I still have things I want to write about and I’m just as engaged in the book publishing industry and the changing landscape for authors and self-publishing. I’m also interested and excited by the crowdfunding industry and the growth and possibilities.

For those of you who want more regular updates, the Digireado Facebook page is where I’m posting regularly several times a week. I love Twitter, but we seem to be less close at the moment. My Instagram page is where I post about my day to day life – mainly children and animals – and kittens. We have two new kittens and I can’t stop myself posting pictures of them. Pinterest is a great platform, and I love seeing how people, especially authors, are using it. As for Google+ – well, I’m not sure if we’re just having a break or a break-up. You can always find me somewhere online!

I’m writing this as a ‘warm-up’ post. I have a post to be published this week and hope you will want to continue to follow my infrequent posts. I’m posting about an author new to writing, but who has taken to the business with great gusto! I will be following this up with other stories of self-publishing success as well as following the careers of some Australian publishing people and how they progressed to the roles they hold today.

If you have any burning issues about publishing or self-publishing, leave a note in the comments. It would be nice to hear from you!


Until the next post!




5 thoughts on “It’s been a while….

  1. good to have you blogging again – and I can attest to the great e-publishing course we did with you – you are a great teacher Anna – looking forward to reading more here.

    • Thank you so much, Diane for your kind words! It was great to have you in the course and to meet you. I’ll be featuring one of the case studies we discussed in the course!


    • Thanks so much for your comment Dani! Yes, as always it’s a juggling act. Great to look at your blog too – great resource there for writers – check it out, people!

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