DIY Digital at NSW Writers’ Centre

NSW Writers' Centre

The wonderful people at the NSW Writers’ Centre are running a weekend workshop that I’m thrilled to be part of!

Join us for Digital DIY on the weekend of Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 November and hear from Linda Funnell, the person who draws this all together with NSW Writers’ Centre.

Want to take control of your publishing? Interested in ebooks? Unsure about Print-on-demand?

This two-day seminar covers the nuts and bolts of doing your own digital publishing, from identifying your audience to formats, uploads and promotion.

Convenor Linda Funnell has extensive experience as a publisher and will introduce you to the key points of taking a book to readers with a series of expert speakers including: Anna Maguire (@Digireado) on preparing your files and ebook production; David Henley on the possibilities of digital publishing; and author Walter Mason on the how to use social media effectively.

Linda Funnell  talked to me about digital publishing and asked my opinion on a few questions:

  • How quickly is the digital publishing landscape changing? Is it getting easier for DIY authors?
  • What are the biggest challenges in publishing an ebook?
  • Which authors do I think have been successful in digitally self-publishing?

Digital DIY Funnell MaguireLinda also asked me what are my three top tips are for authors considering publishing digitally themselves.

My first tip was:
Read digitally! If you intend to publish an ebook then be aware of the reading experience. Download some reading apps onto your smart phone if you don’t have an iPad or eReader and read a recent release. If you’re printing a book then be clear on how publishers present their books.

You can read the rest of the article on the NSW Writers’ Centre blog here and book tickets to the event at the bottom of the page here.

What would be your top tip for authors who want to self publish?


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