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EDIT 10 MAY 2013: I’ve just been informed that Layar won’t be part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival this year. I still recommend you check out this amazing technology and consider how it may be used.

In my previous post Reading in the E-Future I discussed the line up at the fantastic upcoming event at the Sydney Writers’ Festival this year.

Naturally I’ve been enjoying researching all my sessions for this year, but wanted to share with you a little bit more about Layar as it really is an interesting development.

Although there are many videos online of how it works, if you don’t have access to a magazine that has worked with Layar I’d recommend the following:

This blog post on the Layar site talks about the recent use on the Publishers Weekly cover.

In order to experience this for yourself I’d recommend you try the following example:

1. Download Layar from the app store – it’s a free download.

2. Go to the link mentioned above, the post about the use by Publishers Weekly.

3. Click on the image of the cover in the post, or click here, or even click the image above.

4. With the Layar app open, hold it over the cover image on your computer and access the additional content.

The cover features a girl holding a book – The Care and Keeping of You 2. This is an advice book for girls aged ten years and over.

By holding my iPhone over the cover image on my laptop,the app scanned the image and I could:

  • View an interview with the author;
  • Meet the author – although it actually took me to a page on the Americal girl website that gave a number of links about the title);
  • Download an excerpt from the book;
  • Read the ‘Latest News’ about the title which included a lengthy Q&A with the author.
  • I could share most of the information via social media.

Layar 30 Million DownloadsAs of early May, the Layar app has been downloaded MORE than 30 million times! Read more on their blog post here.

I’m looking forward to meeting the CEO of Layar Quintin Schevernels and finding out more about the applications of this technology. You can buy tickets to the event or read more about the session that Quintin is appearing at here.

You can find out more about Layar on their website, their blog, follow them on Twitter or Like their Facebook Page.

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