Official publication of my book Crowdfund it!

I’m happy and proud to announce the publication of my book Crowdfund it! Published today by new digital first publisher editia, the business will be devoted to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts and is founded by Charlotte Harper.

I have of course been itching to talk about the Crowdfund it! as it’s been six months of hard work, late nights and gentle polishing by editor Sarah Hazelton and editia publisher and founder Charlotte Harper.

And if you ask ‘What IS crowdfunding?’, then the answer is: Crowdfunding enables a collective of individuals to pledge small amounts of money towards a common goal.

Crowdfund it! focuses on twelve of the highest profile crowdfunding platforms: Kickstarter, Pozible, ArtistShare, StartSomeGood, PledgeMe, SellaBand, Unbound, Sponsume, RocketHub, LoudSauce, Indiegogo and Kiva. It features interviews with successful campaigners like star of British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf Robert Llewellyn, who raised £21,000 to publish his novelNews From Gardenia through Unbound.

It also features details on another 26 platforms as well as Tips for Success. The book provides international accessibility details for all platforms, and covers creative projects, as well as causes, social entrepreneurship, microfinance and business equity.

And all this for only A$7 now from the editia website! Buy now! Tell all your friends and family to buy a copy!

To support the book we have also launched the Crowdfund it! blog. This will feature regular updates on crowdfunding platforms, events, campaigns and advice. Posts on the blog will over time be added to the book to ensure it remains up to date. You can also follow news and views about crowdfunding on my new Twitter account @crowdfunditnow.

I’m also very proud to announce that I am part of the editia Corporate Advisory Board, along with Alex Adsett, Sarah Hazelton, Katie McMurray, Jane Morrow,Anthony Nankervis, Connor Tomas O’Brien, Victor Violante and Jon Page.

Congratulations Charlotte on the launch of your new publishing company and thank you for asking me to write a book!

Note: As you know I’ve just migrated my blog to self-hosted platform. Some of you were kind enough to subscribe when I did that. As I was having troubles moving my subscribers over from previous blog I asked wordpress about this. Unfortunately they have put all previous subscribers into this blog and I apologise if you receive this post twice. I will be working with them to delete any duplications. I know it’s good news for me, but I’m sure you don’t need to read it twice!

20 thoughts on “Official publication of my book Crowdfund it!

  1. Congratulations Anna; digireado’s going from strength to strength as it should…what a fabulous achievement. I’m ordering as soon as I put down this…keyboard? Seriously, very impressive and I have no doubt it’ll do well.
    And congratulations to Charlotte too. May editia flourish too.

    Cheers and warm best

  2. Wow, Anna! No wonder you’ve been so busy. I’m very impressed and I can’t wait to read it (yep, just bought a copy). It’s a great area to investigate.

  3. Well done, Anna, FAB work! Thought you were a bit quiet : ) I’ll be telling my students about you – and it – tomorrow night and will put it on the recommended reading list.

  4. And I’m happy and proud to congratulate you Anna Maguire. I will definitely attend the launch.

    Talk about ask a busy person……well done. I can’t imagine how you have got this task completed. A combination of your midnight hours and wonderful creativity combined with a big brain and such a wealth of knowledge about the online world.

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