Editing in Paradise Kangaroo Valley (August 2012)

Want to get published? The inside story in one full day’s workshop!

Absolutely delighted that I have been asked to speak at Editing in Paradise Kangaroo Valley one-day workshop on 12th August.

Forest Walk at beautiful Kangaroo Valley Avrajita (www.avrajita.com.au)

Top author’s agent Selwa Anthony will share her knowledge on what publishers are wanting to acquire, I will talk digital and Editors and mentors Shelley Kenigsberg and Selena Hanet-Hutchins will talk about your manuscript completion, contracts and the editing process. And more! There is also the 6 day full-program and a Lite version. So many choices!

Background to Editing in Paradise

What could you do if you were an editor, writer and mentor who also loved to travel?  This is what Shelley Kenigsberg was pondering with more than 20 years running S K Publishing, working as a freelance editor and mentoring many authors. Also Head of Book Editing and Publishing Diploma at Macleay College Shelley has years of experience in helping writers realise their potential to achieve their publishing dream.

“What if I could combine my work with writers, teaching them the skills of self-editing and preparing their work for publication… with this love of travel?”  Shelley Kenigsberg, Editing in Paradise

“Why not?” Selena Hanet-Hutchins, texture

Selena Hanet-Hutchins has experience in-house and freelance as an editor for well-known publishing houses, sub editor at a prominent agent as well as an author and running her own editing and writing business texture.

Shelley and Selena realised the best way to help writers prepare for publication was to offer a writers retreat in a beautiful retreat-like atmosphere where they could offer one-on-one guidance, group sessions, writing time and mentors who have read the entire work before participants arrive and tailor their one-on-one sessions to that manuscript.

Together Shelley and Selena devised editing masterclass Editing in Paradise and the retreats have been run in Bali (since 2009), Portsea and Byron Bay. Apart from Kangaroo Valley in August Editing in Paradise will be run in Bali in October 2012, Mornington Peninsula in Feb/March 2013. Look out for offerings in South Africa and Sri Lanka  in 2014.

What are the benefits of attending Editing Paradise?

I asked Shelley Kenigsberg why it’s worthwhile to attend and this is what she said:

“Find out, from top industry professionals, how to get your manuscript in just the right shape for publishers to take notice. We’ll give you the inside information on what you can do to maximise your chances of getting past the gatekeepers and have your manuscript noticed by decision makers. Get published with the minimum of fuss and pain.” Shelley Kenigsberg, Editing in Paradise.

Contact Editing in Paradise to reserve your place or to find out any more information. Hope to see you at the one-dayer in Kangaroo Valley. And if you do need any more incentive, check out the beautiful venue – Avrajita, set on 40 acres of unspoilt rainforest and native bushland. Let me know if you will be there in the comments!

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