Interview with Director of Yale Publishing Course Tina Weiner

Time is running out if you were thinking of applying to the  Yale University Leadership Strategies in Book Publishing course  22-27 July 2012 . Applications are due 15 June 2012!

In July last year I was one of three Australians who attended the week long course in the lovely town of New Haven. I’ve blogged about some of my thoughts for the splog of The Small Press Underground Networking Community (SPUNC) when thinking about small publishers. Bookseller and Publisher magazine also published an article I wrote on my return.

Cynthea Wellings, CEO of Ausmed Education in Melbourne attended the Yale Book Publishing course last year. Cynthea found the course greatly beneficial and said:

As the course was so inspiring for myself, I decided to send two of my staff to do the Yale course this year.  They are both excited to go and are quite definitely looking forward to it. The aim is to enable more staff in our office to focus on northern hemisphere markets and the ‘vibe’ that I got from attending is an important aspect of this. I want them to get this vibe too so as to motivate them into seeing the potentials of these markets. By attending the course and listening to lectures given by very senior industry representatives, it will assist them to understand what we need to do to develop strategies to penetrate these markets. It will also enable them to get new ideas for our current product developments.

Cynthea Wellings, CEO Ausmed Education. Ausmed is an Australian-based online nurse education publishing company.

I asked Tina Weiner, the Director of the Yale Publishing Course some questions:

Digireado: Why is attending the Yale Publishing Course important to those who work in Publishing?

Tina Weiner: It gives them the opportunity to escape their daily routine and concentrate on considering the issues facing all publishers in a broader context.  They experience new points of view from both the speakers and their fellow participants, who come to New Haven from all over the world.

Digireado: What level of Publishing professionals is the Yale Publishing Course aimed at?

Tina Weiner: The program is specifically geared to mid to senior level professionals in all areas of publishing.  The attendees range from those with 5 years in the industry to those with over 20.  The mix is what makes the atmosphere especially dynamic – not to mention fun.

Digireado: Can you identify one main benefit for attendees of the Course?

Tina Weiner: More than one! It teaches  you to think beyond your specific niche; it offers a range of best practices and innovative ideas; it concentrates on understanding the business of publishing, utilizing the latest advances in technology, and thinking of publishing as a global enterprise; it provides leadership training; it exposes you a network of new colleagues with whom you can establish lifelong friendships.

Digireado: For those that travel from other countries will they find the course very US-Centric?

Tina Weiner: Although most of the speakers are from the US, they all infuse their presentations with a global perspective.

Digireado: I notice that my personal hero Martin Levin is on the speaker list again, along with Bruce Harris (another hero) and a raft of other high-level speakers. How do you manage to get such great speakers to your Course?

Tina Weiner: Finding speakers is relatively easy.  As a rule, publishers love to talk about what they do and are very generous in sharing their experience and knowledge.  That fact that the atmosphere of YPC is informal and interactive and that it is a course – not a conference- makes it a very special experience for the speakers as well as the students and that is what brings them back each year.

Digireado: You run a separate course aimed at Magazine and Digital Publishing. Why is that?

Tina Weiner: Having two separate programs allows us to delve deeper into the issues most important to each type of publishing.

Digireado: What is the thing you enjoy most about running these courses?

Tina Weiner: Without a doubt, the people.  Both speakers and participants are as passionate as I am about publishing and the conversations – which continue outside the classroom – are energizing and inspiring.  I try to make the week as informative as possible – and fun too.

Digireado: Thanks Tina! I’ll be thinking of you all in July and wishing I could be there!

Applications are due by 15th June! More information on the course can be found here and the program information is listed here.

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