Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy App by Touch Press

Created by: Touch Press
Lead Developer: John Cromie
Designer: Matt Aitken
Digireado rating: 9/10
Available on iTunes, Size: 1.7mb
Price: £9.99 $13.99
Note: Tested on original iPad, Version: 1.0.2

I have admired Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, and like many people when you mention his name it is The Mona Lisa or The Last Supper that spring to mind. Yet although Leonardo had a reputation as a painter who investigated the sciences, it was the study of anatomy that drove his interests for many years. The study and documentation of dissections built upon his knowledge to enable him to paint with greater understanding. But he also studied architecture, and so much more.

This app has been created to celebrate the exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace between  May 2012 to 7 October 2012.

What are some of the things I enjoy about this app?

  • The story of Leonardo’s Life. Yes, this app does not distract us from learning about the history and motivations behind this enquiring mind. That is the joy. You lose yourself for a while in another world and along the way you acquire knowledge you are happy to have.

  • The images can be pinched and zoomed and each of them list a full caption, circa year, materials and size. The app displays Leonardo’s mirrored writing, and translates it. I’ve learnt from the app that he wrote in mirror writing from right to left possibly because he was left handed and it became a habit.

  • The 3D anatomical images, fully interactive with the swipe of a finger. I never would have imaged that I’d be swiping back and forth to reveal the voyage of the blood in the human body. But I did and even forced my husband to delight in them as well.

  • The videos at the end of each chapter have various experts including Martin Clayton Senior Curator of Prints and drawings at The Royal Library at Windsor Castle. The videos are beautifully designed to fit onto the app and easily turned off – although you probably won’t want to.

As always it is the way that Touch Press combine functionality with content partnerships that impresses me. Shortly I’ll be publishing a Q&A with Touch Press CEO Max Whitby asking him how they approach their functionality, how they get such great partnerships and how they work out revenue splits. Stay tuned!

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