The Forest for the Trees: Writers & Publishing in 2012 (Sydney Writers’ Festival)

One of the highlights of the year for me is when the program for the Sydney Writers’ Festival is released. Finally I can start planning what favourite authors I want to see and hear, what publishing industry events I think are imperative and also knowing a wonderful benefit is I’ll run into friends, students and ex-colleagues around the piers of Walsh Bay or their other venues. If we’re lucky and have beautiful weather I’m in my element – enjoying the beautiful city of Sydney surrounded by people passionate about writing.

Last year I attended the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and that has its own beautiful and unique environment and throngs of people clutching books and lining up for events. For book lovers there really isn’t anything better than being able to immerse yourself in events like these.

The program for 2012 Sydney Writers’ Festival has just been released and for extra excitement this year I’ll be speaking at one of the events. It’s an amazing day in my opinion!

Here are the full details from the program and it’s held Thursday 17th May 2012 from 10am-4.30pm at the State Library of NSW:

What has happened in the last year for publishers, bookshops and the writer? What challenges exist for publishing in the modern world?

International speakers Chad Harbach (The Art of Fielding) and Paul Baggaley (publisher, Picador UK) along with Elliot Perlman join Australian industry identities for a day of sessions on the state of publishing in 2012.

My Path Through the Forest

A writer’s life entails much more than just getting words on the page. Author, publisher and journalist Sophie Cunningham takes us through what she will be doing in 2012.

Getting to Print
What does it take to get published? Sophie Cunningham unearths the winding – and sometimes very long – paths that debut novelist Chad Harbach and established author Elliot Perlman took to get published.

Publishing in 2012
Australian publishers Margaret Seale (Random House), Sue Hines (Allen & Unwin) and Alison Green (Pantera Press) join Paul Baggaley (Picador UK) to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing publishing houses today.

Journals: From Little Things Big Things Grow
Journal editors Julianne Schultz (Griffith Review), Jane Gleeson-White (Overland), David Brooks (Southerly) and Alice Grundy (Seizure) discuss the vital role journals play in publishing emerging writers.

Off the Beaten Track: Digital and Other Ways Forward
Joel Naoum (Momentum), Anna Maguire (digireado), Elizabeth Weiss (Allen & Unwin) and David Henley (Xou Creative) consider recent developments in digital publishing and the opportunities created for writers.

The Next Year: Wrap-up and Q&A
Author Bem Le Hunte, publisher Shona Martyn, agent Sophie Hamley and bookseller Barbara Horgan discuss the challenges and opportunities for writers in 2012 with chair Sophie Cunningham.

You can book here from 31st March for the humble price of $35 (or $25 concession) and only 130 people can attend so book fast!

The Sydney Writers’ Festival runs from Monday 14th to Sunday 20th of May 2012.

The hashtag for the festival is #swf2012.

Now…. back to working out my schedule and what I’ll be attending! What will you be seeing?

6 thoughts on “The Forest for the Trees: Writers & Publishing in 2012 (Sydney Writers’ Festival)

  1. Exciiiiting! I love SWF so much, but usually only get to see one or two events on the weekend. I just go straight for Miles Merril’s name on the list, because I know it will be awesome.
    However, the ones you just mentioned look awefully interesting.

    • Thanks! Maybe I’ll meet you there? The events are actually a series of events held all one day to give a full (and perhaps at times contradictory) opinion of the status of publishing.

    • I can’t believe the price either! So much so that I had to wait until bookings were open today just to double check it WAS that price for the whole day! It’s only 130 places so bookings will go fast. If you do manage to get off work then we should try and actually meet, you know, in person!

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