FutureBook Conference, Awards and ‘Digital Down Under’ Post

My only newsletter recommendation for 2011

I’ve discussed in a previous post how these days I primarily use Twitter as a news source. I’ve cut back on my subscriptions and tend to send those to a secondary account for checking at a later date. One of the few newsletters that make it into my primary account is FutureBook, the ‘digital dispatch’ of theBookseller.com.  FutureBook describe themselves as a “website dedicated to discussing how the digital revolution will re-shape publishing in the 21st Century.”  If you want to understand what they are about then read their Manifesto!  Their weekly newsletter always gives me an interesting perspective from Philip Jonesdeputy editor of The Bookseller as well as links to interesting blog posts. . FutureBook has built up an extensive list of bloggers and that network gives you access to a depth and breadth of content. A link to various subscription options is here.

Digital Down Under

As a follower on Twitter and a reader of their blog I was very pleased to be asked to write a blog post for them on Australian Digital Publishing. A link to the post is here and I’d be interested in your feedback in the comments section below. I have heard that I should have included information on Collins Booksellers being powered by Kobo (true, it’s hard to mention everything) but I hope it’s fairly comprehensive.

FutureBook Conference

Futurebook Conference and Innovation Awards are one of those events that I wish I could jump on my magic carpet and zap from Sydney to London to attend. Thanks to the wonders of Twitter I could watch the #futurebook feed and follow the conversation.  I’ve included some of conference blogs below.






FutureBook Innovation Awards

This is only the second time the awards have been run and yet already I treat them as a great snapshot of the best digital work around. I’m a huge fan of Faber & Faber and in 2009 they launched Faber Digital and since them they have to my mind been leading the digital charge. They work a lot with Touch Press who have produced apps that are truly on the cutting edge each and every time.

When I saw that one of their collaborations, The Waste Land was in the shortlist for best adult app I thought surely it must win (and it did!). When presenting about Digital Publishing I always mention those that are my current favourite and The Waste Land has been getting a lot of mentions. At the first-ever Digital Innovation awards it was another collaboration between Touch Press and Faber that won best app – a well-deserved win for The Solar System for iPad.

When I first got my iPad I went searching for non-fiction/reference titles that would fully utilise the capabilities and that was when I came across The Elements. I was like a kid with a new favourite toy and since then I’ve watched the work of Touch Press with great interest – and wish they had an office in Australia!

For a post on the all the winners of the Innovation Awards read this blog post and then investigate those mentioned.

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