How Many Books are YOU reading since you started reading ebooks?

I’ve mentioned this before, and no doubt I will keep repeating it… I buy MORE books now in digital form than I was previously buying in print format.

I have yet to see any Australian research into this, but no suprises there, we don’t even have a way to report ebook sales yet! I look forward to when Australia starts reporting on this and many other factors to do with ebooks.

I referred in my post How ebooks have changed my book purchasing habits that it was the convenience factor that was a big reason for me.  Being able to purchase anywhere and any time really is key for me.

Today I stumbled upon a Tweetpoll that was run by Dominique Racch from Sourcebooks asking how ebooks have changed your reading habits.  The results of the poll (admittedly only 228 results) show that 79% of respondents either read slightly more or a lot more books.  If you click on the image at left you’ll be taken to their site with the results.

I guess it would be easy to say that if you run a Twitter poll, then perhaps you are more likely to scoop up the people more likely to be happy to read digitally. However I really don’t believe that is the answer. I DO believe that once you start reading ebooks that the convenience and ‘read anywhere’ factors are key to continuing to purchase digitally. Yes, I AM biased!

The Book Industry Study Group released their insights in their first installment of the 2010−2011 cycle of BISG’s Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading survey at Digital Book World in January this year. One of the findings was that “E-book buyers are buying fewer print books: more than 40% of survey respondents say they have reduced the number and dollars spent on hardcover and paperback books.”

Having two toddlers in tow means going to bookshops are not the same pleasurable experience they used to be (“no, put that down, no, don’t touch that” X 100) so my reading is done primarily at night, in bed, and on the iPad.  Digital is now my first purchasing thought, although I will always love printed books for their beautify and pleasure and design.

Last week when I logged onto Kobo on my iPad I realised I hadn’t read ANY of the Miles Franklin Long-listed books. Gasp!  I immediately tweeted about this and asked for a recommendation of where to start. An Australian bookseller gave me his recommendation and I went straight back onto Kobo to purchase the title.  What was the title?

The Legacy by Kirsten Tranter. And note here I link to her publisher Harper Collins Australia in the hope that if you want to read the book that maybe (unlike me) you will purchase through an Australian bookshop! I’m loving it by the way!

If you read ebooks, how have your book reading habits changed?

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