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Anyone else feel like even though they love what they are doing,but that life is just SO busy they don’t find time to do what they love the most?  Well, that’s me. And perhaps you as well?

As the mother of two rowdy toddlers (aged 2 and 3 years) and only two full days of childcare, I’m always rushing to do all the mundane stuff that life insists you must -washing, folding said washing, other domestic tasks. Am I boring you yet?

In between parenting, and the mundane stuff, I do what I love. And Digital is what Digireado loves! (I LOVE looking after the toddlers too!) Really, I would love to write more on this blog and talk about all the fascinating things I see developing in the Australian Publishing Scene and overseas. There is so much to say! And because I’m so wordy it all takes too much time. Brevity is something I probably need to learn if I’m going to blog, right?

So I’ve decided to try for brevity and tell you some of the things I’ve been up to so far this year.

Introduction to Digital Publishing – Training Seminars

The wonderful Shelley Kenigsberg from Macleay College and Editing in Paradise has been asking me to present to her Diploma of Book Editing and Publishing Students for the last two years. Just last year she increased the seminars from  two-hour seminars for each of the day and night students to 2X2 hours, so in other words after taking them through the first part I get to come back two months later and talk to them some more.  I LOVE to do this because the training gives me a great excuse to review in fine detail all Australian Publishing digital innovations since the previous training. And this year I had a lot to report!  As anyone knows, the whole game plan changed late last year and is still rapidly shifting. Of great interest to me has been what a shift in the knowledge and experience of the students at Macleay. I always felt as though I needed to ‘convert’ some of the students to Digital Publishing, but for the first time I also have a number of ebook readers, bloggers, and tweeters in the room. Exciting!

Having presented Part 1 of this training I’ll soon start preparing for when I go back in May and take them through what has changed in the last few months and the remainder of the training.

If you’re interested in what I cover in the training, here is a link that demonstrates what I cover over four hours.

Australian Publishing Tweeters and Bloggers List

As mentioned on this post I decided to help the Australian Publishers Association in putting together this list. Not only is it just good fun, I’ve found a whole lot of new and interesting people to follow on Twitter that I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon.

So far I’m classifying them as

  • Associations (for instance Society of Editors, or SPUNC)
  • Australian Bookshops
  • Australian Publishing Tweeters
  • Australian Publishers and Publications
  • Libraries
  • Writing Festivals, Writers Centres & Cultural Centres

I’m not sure if that is how the list will stay as I’m working on the list solo, so the APA will give me some feedback when I get it to a later stage.

At the moment it feels a bit like a list that will never end, and as soon as it’s done it will be out of date! But we do need to start somewhere, and I hope when I get it done (or done as at a moment in time) that it will be useful.

In the meantime if you have anyone to suggest for this list please email me or contact me on Twitter @digireado.

Digital Publishing: The Opportunities and Challenges

I’m really excited to be asked back by the NSW Writers Centre to their weekend workshop Everything You Need to Know About Publishing to talk about opportunities for authors with Digital Publishing. Did I mention I love to talk about Digital?

I love this workshop because it’s aimed at authors and helps them navigates through the maze of self-publishing. If you’re interested in what I cover in 1 ½ hours the link to the outline is here further down the page.

Of course there is no way that you can cover everything in this time, but I hope I give authors some information and help them starting out in digital with some key pointers to produce great digital content.

And what else?

I have a lot of other things on the back-boiler not quite ready to talk about yet, but stand by for more updates on What Digireado is doing!


2 thoughts on “What Digireado has been doing

  1. Anna!
    I’m with you – the speed and complexity of digital developments is sooo exciting! Brilliant that you put in the work to stay abreast of it all. And yes – self-publishing authors have a lot to gain once they get their heads and fingertips around it all.
    Looking forward to reading your back-burner surprises!

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