– Dear new iPhone 4 – it must be love if I’m prepared to go through all this palaver!

I am publishing this post out of pure frustration! Ultimately I hope it may help someone avoid the time I spent reaching the solution to missing fonts on iTunes when running Windows 7.

I purchased my first iPhone in December 2008 so I finally decided after more than two years it was time for a new one. After all, I didn’t even have video! Let alone the pictures were just not high res enough for me. I hadn’t expected to hold onto it for that long as my previous phone (a Dupod Smartphone) had died after less than two years. Hats off  to Apple that it did me for so long despite misuse and rough handling by the toddlers, and I must admit by me also! But now I was looking with envy at the fact that others had video and oh, such beautiful high res photos! Technology had moved on and I was feeling left behind. How quickly we expect and demand more!

So, of course transferring all the data from my old iPhone to my new iPhone was going to be simple right? After all, everything in Apple-land is meant to be simple and ‘intuitive’ – and generally is! Whatever side of the Mac love/hate debate you sit on you have to admit that they DO generally get it right that way.

Well, not if you run Windows 7 on your laptop!  Or was it an issue with the latest update of iTunes? When I went into my iPhone on iTunes it didn’t show any text to guide me through the process.  What-the?! A lengthy search on various forums turned up that the issue may be a problem with a font (SEGUE). OK then I thought, I’ll install that font. But how do I do this without it costing me money?

Of course it was a weekend and Apple wasn’t back on board until Monday. So here I am with my new iPhone, my old iPhone was no longer working and all I’d managed to get on my shiny new phone was contacts and photos. And that was done by working blind and hoping I wasn’t doing something wrong! Admittedly this was enough to keep me moving, but I was missing my apps and the thought of needing to reinstall them individually on my phone was enough to drive me to the vodka bottle! All the tips I found online suggested things like ‘authorise this computer’ as THEIR magic solution, but mine was already authorised.

There was clearly an issue with the font Segue but how to fix it if you’re not highly technical?

The solution for me?

To cut a LONG story short this is what fixed it for me:  http://chris.pirillo.com/fix-windows-vistas-fonts/ but from what I’ve read on forums what works for one doesn’t work for all, and bear in mind I’m on Windows 7. However I recommend that you give it try, bearing in mind I take no responsibility if the patch mucks up other things for you.

What didn’t work for me?

Wind back to Monday when I finally got onto Apple I was told it was an issue with my version of iTunes so I needed to uninstall and then reinstall and all associated programs. NO BUT WAIT! If I didn’t do this in this in the correct order then I would run into problems. Apple sent me this document http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923 and I hope if you’re having problems it solves it for you.  Bad news, it didn’t solve it for me!

The process to uninstall all the programs and then install iTunes again was quite lengthy and needless to say quite frustrating when it didn’t work!

Another phone call to Apple resulted in ANOTHER suggestion from their forums:

Here are some steps you can try to restore the fonts back into iTunes. Customers with similair issues have had success with these so I hope they do the same for you.

1. Click Start -> Run. If you cannot locate the ‘Run’ item, then click ‘Window Key’ + ‘R’.

2. In the run box, type: c:windowsfonts (Replace c: with the drive letter where the OS is installed)

3. The fonts window will open. Click ‘Alt’ + ‘F’ to activate the menu. Click ‘Install New Font’ in the menu.

4. In the folders dialog, browse to c:windowsfonts where c: is the OS drive letter.

5. All fonts would now appear under ‘List all fonts’.

6. Click ‘Select All’ and then click ‘Install’.

7. Confirm the windows permission dialog.

8. A replace file dialog would appear. Click on ‘Yes’ to each and every dialog that appears. This will ensure that fresh entries for fonts are written in the registry. To avoid clicking, press and hold ‘Alt’ key – then press ‘Y’ key for every dialog that appears.

After restoring the fonts to your iTunes, Attached is a guide you can follow to transfer the rest of your content to your iPhone (sadly they neglected to actually attach that guide – oops!).

This DIDN’T work purely and simply because I didn’t get ‘install’ everywhere they said I should.

So back to the forums I went and finally fixed the font issue by the link I mentioned previously – http://chris.pirillo.com/fix-windows-vistas-fonts/


Ok, so now I have the fonts but tell me how on earth am I meant to get my apps please?

Well thankfully that appears to be quite simple. When you have your new iPhone connected to iTunes you right click on the iPhone and ‘Transfer Purchases’. Previously when I tried this the ‘activity’ bar was active for only a minute and then pretended it was all ok. But I had no apps on my new iPhone. So effectively I had my OLD iPhone with no email or telephone coverage but all my music and apps. And my new iPhone 4 with contacts, photos, email and telephone coverage but nothing else.  Honestly, this is just TOO HARD! And far, far too time consuming for a busy person. Can’t I outsource this?!

The solution? It was so simple once I actually realised I had the fonts back and that I now saw across the screen the various tabs for apps etc. I merely clicked on the apps tab, updated any apps that needed to be updated and then chose which ones I wanted migrated to my new iPhone and hey presto.  All fine.

I’ve fed this info back to Apple as despite their best intentions they didn’t come up with the solution for me. Thanks to the brain power of the iPhone community I finally have a fully functional new iPhone!

If this shortens the whole painful process for just one person I’ll be happy. Good Luck!

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