How to create your own ebook

The Australian blog about all things digital- –  asked me to write a post about the recent Australian Society of Authors (ASA) seminar on Creating an Ebook All by Yourself.

I’ve worked in publishing for the majority of my career and for a telcos and run websites for the rest of it and am no stranger to ebook publishing and consumption. I read ebooks, I’ve managed book content being put on websites, I’ve looked at how to put website content onto smaller phone screens and I’ve worked on the early stages of an ebook program for a major publisher.

In all of my jobs I’ve dealt with suppliers with the purchasing power and volumes of a major brand behind me. I wanted to genuinely understand what you do as someone who has a thirst to share their book with the world but no success in getting an agent or publisher. What do you do if you want to create an ebook all by yourself? This is the second time this seminar has been run in as many months, so Australian authors are keen to have this question answered.

Read the full article on ebookish  here.

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