The iPhone is no longer safe with the kids…

© Alexey BykovOh dear! Up until now when I handed the iPhone to the toddler she would just press the home button and look at the wallpaper. Sadly today she has worked out the swipe function and it is no longer safe in her hands! 

Not suprising really. She’s worked out when looking at the photos how to swipe to the next one, so I was foolish if I thought a two-year-old can’t work out how to unlock it, but is yet another demonstration of how easily children take to new technology.

Of course this photo is not of an iPhone, and that is not my child, and I’m not adverse her playing with my phone. Indeed I’ve enjoyed downloading a number of children’s titles for both children to enjoy and love seeing demonstrations of how new technology can engage and entertain children of new ages. It’s handy when stuck in queues or waiting rooms and need to keep the little ones quiet and I actually – as an advocate of technology – look forward to the children getting old enough to fully explore and enjoy everything that is available to them.

2 thoughts on “The iPhone is no longer safe with the kids…

  1. My four year old has worked out my access code for my iphone, and my almost 2 year old is trying to copy her too. It won’t be long before they can both get in and take 20 billion blurry close up photos of almost identifiable household scenes. I would change the code but I know i’d forget it and have to ask them to help me get in anyway.

    • I don’t have a code on my phone. Yesterday I received a text from my sister: “sorry, missed call from you”. Err, no, that was the 4 year-old when I was trying to divert her while in a shop by allowing her to play with some apps. So I thought.

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